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We are DJ MINISTRIES, a non for profit ministry with a goal of preaching the gospel to the entire world.

DJ MINISTRIES does not employ anybody, the whole staff are volunteers and do not receive any money. They do the work entirely for the love of the Lord.

The content of our website is FREE while the Lord keeps providing to us through people like you.

To find out more about helping our ministry financially please e-mail us for more details at info@djministries.comwith the subject: support.

We count on the best technology available and a great desire to serve the Lord.

With the Lord's mercy and grace, our Ministry is reaching thousands of people in the entire country of Brazil and all over the world.

We believe prayer moves God's heart, so we ask you to pray for us at all times.

As an answer of your prayers, The Lord will keep blessing the ministry He placed in our hands.

And our prayer is that The Lord blesses you abuntandly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us.

Your opinion is very important to us.

In Christ,

DJ Ministries.

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